Pushing your Bitcoin transaction to the mempool just in time.

Privacy Policy

26. April 2021

  1. We do not use any analytics or tracking tools.
  2. This website does not use cookies. However, your IP address may be collected as part of basic webserver logs necessary for systems administration purposes.
  3. We do not collect or store information, expect the information that is attached directly to your trigger. Deleting your trigger removes every information available in the context of it.
  4. We do not share any information with third parties including advertisers. See 7. for interated APIs and services.
  5. We cannot access your funds.
  6. We cannot undo nor confirm your transaction once broadcasted.
  7. "TX PUSHER" uses the following 3rd party APIs and services:
    • The "BlockCypher API" isĀ used to broadcast your transactions.
    • The "mempool.space API" is used for mempool stats, fee predictions and other transaction bases information.
    • The "CoinGecko API" is used for price information (BTC/USD, ..) and price movements.